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Latin Diamond Moda Feest

Latin Diamond Moda Feest

LDMF is a space created for the exhibition of Latin American art in Belgium.

We create a fashion show where our Latinos artists express their worldview on the theme of the year. This year (2023) we selected as an element of inspiration: the Moon.

We have a space where music, gastronomy and Latin cocktails give that touch of joy and makes us feel like we are at home.

Latin Diamond Moda Feest
Latin Diamond Moda Feest

Last Event Latin Diamond Feest 2023

Latin Diamond Feest 2023 was a collaboration between: Latin Diamond Moda – Home Latin Designer – |Luna Fashion Show| , El Desord3n , Cuba Que’ bola! and L. L. Brazilian. After a successful first edition, they festivals was once again joining forces for the second edition of Latin Diamond Feest in the picturesque Droogdokkenpark.

Latin Diamond Moda Feest
ActivityDateStart TimeEnd Time
Folk dance08-07-202313:0015:00
Fashion Show08-07-202315:0015:30
Dynamic music with dans teacher08-07-202316:0020:00
Set Dj's08-07-202320:0023:00
Folk dance group09-07-202312:0015:00
Fashion Show09-07-202315:0015:30
Cultural images and videos while maintaining interesting speeches09-07-202314:0018:00
Sunday ScheduleShow
14:00Dj Moreny
16:00Dj Pikete Flow
17:00Dj Lora
18:00Dj Flow Bross
19:00Dj RicoDesord3n Urbano
20:00Dj PochoDesord3n Urbano
21:00Dj YugosDesord3n Urbano
22:00Dj Domi
23:00El Show Del Morenote
00:00Se acabo

Latin Diamond Moda

For Luna summer 2023 collection,

the latin designers interpret nature as a resplendent summer harvest.

the colorful fabrics are abundant, highlighted by moon light in shades ranging from bright white to soft ivory, from delicate pink to deep red.

each designer tries to leave his cultural mark on each piece.

the collection presents partially sketched cultural patterns that remember an artist who has left portions of a blank canvas, exposed to the viewer’s imagination.

the cultural notes throughout summer 2023 manifest in exceptionally unexpected ways.

colors, textures, and patterns define the collection, reflecting latin diamond’s vision, creativity, and innate inspiration.

Latin Diamond Moda Feest
Latin Diamond Moda Feest

Cuban Legend

She was beautiful, with that beauty that cause loss of balance, mystical and diabolical beauty that the devil lends to someone to uses it on earth.

He loved her with that endless love that makes you ache to the bone, he loved her with that love that can only be found in joys and marriages, however, it would seem that the moon infuses it for the revolutionary expansion of the Cuban Almendrones.  Every night he was possessed by a metaphysical energy that makes him forget about the damsel and repair those classics, which thanks to him have been able to survive through the years, since restoring in these times is a cue of revolution.

What this  man did not know was that, yalorde was the cause of awakening that crazy will that was in him to work by the sweat of his brow for that rebellion, owing to her spells.


Get ready to embrace the chaos at Desord3n, an electrifying musical event within Latin Diamond Feest. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of beats and rhythms as talented artists and DJs take the stage, creating an atmosphere of pure musical madness. Let loose, dance with abandon, and surrender to the euphoria of Desord3n. It’s time to experience the untamed energy of Latin Diamond Feest like never before!

Latin Diamond Moda Feest
Latin Diamond Moda Feest

The 50’s Inn

Es un amante y predicador de la Revolución y la belleza de los clásicos. Este ha dedicando su vida a conservar los Almendrones Cubanos a través del tiempo.

Los almendrones coloridos y elegantes serán expuestos para transportarnos a La Habana, aquella Habana de los 50’s anunciada como “el paraíso bajo la luna”.

Cuba Que Bola!

Cuba Que Bola! Es una fiesta Guajira, que consta de espectáculos lleno de plumas, congas y Tropicana. Llevándonos en Almendrones vestidos de colores chillones a bailar con Rumba, Mambo y Cha Cha Cha.

Latin Diamond Moda Feest