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About Us

Our story

It all started with a passion

About Us

Latin Diamond is an organization of unique initiatives and partnerships that will support Latin innovators in advancing new fashion ideas and achieving greater representation in culture and society. Latin Diamond seeks to champion equality of voice and give Latin Americans the opportunity to be game changers at a time when the arts provide a vital source of inspiration, shifting perspectives on how we view the world.

House of Latin designer

Latin Diamond collaborates with Latino designers to create fashion collections each year, showcasing them in a fashion show organized as part of a Latin music, art, gastronomy, and cocktails festival.

The projects are intended to highlight multiculturalism, foster collaboration across various disciplines, and help promote transformative ideas that benefit culture and society.

Craft to


Love, respect, solidarity, transparency and loyalty.

About Us


To promote, strengthen, and foster the enchantment of Latin American culture through the participation of Latin designers, with the aim of creating diverse experiences for different cultural expressions, thereby contributing to the identity of the Latin community.


To empower every household with a voice to express themselves through fashion, and thus become true cultural spaces that consolidate Latin American authenticity, in order to drive the cosmological development of Latin culture.

About Us

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About Us
About Us
About Us